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Courage Consulting offers a wide range of workshops to fit into the busy structure of your environment.

Models for Reciprocity

In this workshop you will:

  • learn about the practicality of traditional teachings
  • understand the important role culture has always played in the resiliency of first nations people
  • gain awareness of the unique diversity amongst various First Nations Cultures
  • practice tools of connection and engagement
  • receive guidance on how to proceed in a more mindful and respectful manner when working with First Nations clients and communities

Creating Cultural Safety

In this workshop you will:

  • Develop greater understanding of the historical impacts of the Reserve System, Residential Schools and Intergenerational Trauma on First Nations
  • Discover the difference between Cultural Safety and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Define and unpack Stigma
  • Transform your uncertainty and guilt and replace it with a deeper understanding of reciprocity when engaging with First Nations clients and communities.


Understanding the impacts of history


Unpacking stigma


All workshops can be adjusted so information is age appropriate for young learners.