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Storytelling, in its many forms, is an integral part of facilitating change. To this end, Jada co-created the award-winning Drawing Wisdom initiative, a venue which creates and distributes films, delivers workshops, campaigns and educational resources that celebrate Indigenous resilience. We can document the transformation process as a way to share and model the important work your organization is doing.

Our recent short film, Healing Inner Voices, follows eight Indigenous Peoples as they confront HIV stigma and reclaim community. It premiered at DOXA, won the audience choice award at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and continues to be shared in festivals around the world.

To incorporate a video component within your strategy or to get more information about this work go to: DrawingWisdom.ca

A Peer-Led Project

Healing Inner Voices

Through the lived experiences and voices of eight Indigenous people living with HIV, this poetic short documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of Indigenous culture to reflect on the realities of stigma and discrimination for Indigenous people.


The Generous Spirit Project

“When we teach our children our traditional values we stay connected to our ancestors. This makes children some of our most powerful teachers and healers.” Inspired and narrated by Anhluut,uukwsim Gaak, Sherry Small, Nisga’a Nation this is how our new short animated film begins. This project is a collaboration between Sherry Small, program manager of “Children’s Voices, Our Choices” of The Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council, and Drawing Wisdom with Funding from the City of Vancouver.

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